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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Blatherin Blatherskites (Updated)

 Hap~Hap~Happy Holidays everyone!! With Christmas come and gone I hope ya all had a good holiday.
 Now I told myself I was gonna chill out and lax lax for the holiday buuuuut that within itself was just a dream =n.n= started adding the new animations for 2.5 starting with Minotaur.

NEw Custom Animation for Packaged Meat Vol.2 (# 41174)

 So Far so good just have to add the rest and it's on to Morrigan and Kuro then itself. I'promise I'll take a break and pick back up after New Years (paws crossed) Well talk to ya soon Kats n Kittens have a Hyper Happy New Year!!!


  1. Good job as always!
    Yay, the one from the first image is Mizukage from Naruto!
    Happy New Year for you too!

  2. o.O I see a furry gettin double penetrated. Sweet! lol

  3. When will we be able to use MurakamiMobs new version?


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