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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bad Apple

                                                          Alux Standing Animation



                                           Side by Side of Alux before and after

                                                         With Wings added.


 Figured I'd get crackin on the next round of characters. changing up styles a bit this time for the better. This new year's gonna be a god on I can feels it =n.n=

 Work continues on my Next character Nagi. This new vid showcases a few new moves that were mentioned in an earlier post. Everything's fallin into place nicely, still a few animations that need to be added as well as special effects and the like. I'll keeps ya posted, takes cares for now \n.n/


  1. Lookin forward to both characters :) After Akemi, I'm a bit antsy as far as future releases are concerned, so get a move on ;) lol

  2. Yeah i love your chars!
    hope to get some soon! mugen feels empty without some new rape able chars in it :P


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