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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Our Work Is NEVER Over!!

 NYO~Yo~YO!!! How're all you kats n kittens doin doin out there?? Good hopefully, finally spiraling towards completion of Akemi 1.0 and  Nagi 0.5 ...
so here's a peek under the tarp~Enjoy!

Alexandrite - Akemi's new super. A three hit attack
that'll rattle the brains of any poor sod unfortunate enough
to get clobbered by this move.

Status Effects: Nagi's Taser has the nasty ability to inflict
"Shock" status effect. While under the ailment of Shock 
opponents  randomly get jolted when they try to attack,
additionally those under Shock suffer a weakness to
lightning based attacks.

 "Let's Dance"
Stunner: "Watch your head!!" A clever maneuver that
can sent the unexpected for a loop, Nagi sends a bolt 
into the air that scatters over a short distance and gives 
his enemies a quick but painful jolt.

Will be doing a full breakdown pf Nagi's H-Mode
soon here's a few more peeks of what's ahead.

Nearing The final stretch and a big update, take care for now and see ya then.


  1. Great work so far :) How go the compat fixes for Akemi and Mino, and what does the compatibility for other female characters look like as far as Nagi?

    1. So far so good I wanna say Akemi's 95% as well as the mob. Gonna make an all new code for Nagi much like the Mob's, should be able to just copy paste it into a character's air file and be good to go. I'll be testin all that out next week.


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