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Saturday, April 5, 2014

This is it ...

  One day I shall come back, yes I shall come back. Until then there must be no regrets, no tears and no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs and prove to me I am not mistaken in mine.

 Let's let today be that day ...

Well the stage is set, spring time's here and operation HOLY HELL NO MORE SNOW WORK FOR FUN can take place. Starting off with the characters from Round 1, here's the full list of characters and their release order. Enough rambling let's jump on in ...

The Big 3

Coming in first place is summoner Evan. Evan has the unique ability to summon Guardians to aid him in battle. Unlike other Summoners of Vana'diel, Evan is able to tap into a world far beyond that of the Primordial Avatars giving him six unique companions who help him fight for peace in Vana'diel.
Second place brings us Tsubasa, the Bully of St Juno School for girls. With her school under attack by an unknown assailant Tsubasa sets out to get answers and crack a few skulls while she's at it. Tsubasa has a unique gift "Adoptive Muscle Memory" She can spot and pick up fighting styles and moves at a glance and use those skills on the fly, often against  the opponent she's fighting.

And closing out the Big 3 is Emmanuelle the Agni Dancer. Flame given life this fairy has set out to calm a disturbance that threatens the balance of nature.

Extraordinary People

The first tie goes to Alux and Kahekili, a pairing of extreme opposites . On one side of the coin is Kahekili A massively intimidating figure who relies on powerful strikes and grabs to subdue his opponents and on the other side is Alux, nimble and deceptive armed with debilitating songs, Black magic and a devious mind.
 Oboro and Angie have spent plenty of time on the battlefield of Gekkoukan High on opposite sides, this next tie goes to yet another pairing of extremes, this time it's one of light and dark. The undead Kunoichi Oboro makes her presence known using a plethora of forbidden jutsus at her disposal, taking your eyes off of her during battle can certainly lead to ruin. Angemille "Angie" is co founder of the Justice Committee and is no stranger to finding herself in the cross hairs mad doctors, unruly miscreants and undead kunoichi. Despite the barrage of oncoming evil she stands tall alongside her friends of the Justice Committee vowing to stop evil once and for all.

"Life's MY party, DEAL WITH IT!!" Shion is an amateur wrestler who wrestles under the name The Ganguro Belladonna. Her appetite for in ring action is only outmatched with her love for partying hard. Self proclaimed rival to Tsubasa, Shion put a plan into action to take her school back from the Bully of St Juno School for girls.
Because one does not simply turn off SWAG!

Running in the snow never pick on scissors ... Radio? Just remember, chew in tiny bites, what's up with that radio? Add detergent... PUPPY!! Look both ways when the light is on. I don't have a map for this area.

Known as the mistress of misdirection, it's not clear who's side Kumo is on. What IS clear is that those who find themselves facing her are in for a fight. Kumo is quick and unpredictable making it hard to judge her movements, with the ability to drain her opponents of their chakra most fights with Kumo are over before they even begin.

The next in line the be Medusa's general, Lamia #69 is
 unaware that she's to be used as a weapon against the
very queen she serves.
The bounty hunter from amongst the stars joins the fray
in search of a galactic fugitive who's in hiding
on the blue planet.

And Ending Round 1 is "She who rends the Waves" Merro #17 is the malevolent
interrogator of Medusa. She seeks to overthrow throw her queen and
lead the Undead Army against the peoples of Vana'diel.

Special Guest Entrant

Murakamimob 2.5α
through several Nitpicks and change arounds I've decided to release an early version of Murakami mob 2.5.Long overdo would be putting it lightly this version is scaled back from what I've already started fixing. So consult the manual for what's in and what's gonna be in 2.5β and for now enjoy.
*Note there's an animation issue with the "round over" animation for the newest move I am looking to have it fixed by nxt release. (nothing major it just looks silly)

Download Link A

Download Link B

 Up next Akemi, Nagi, Ringo ...

All in a day's work!!!??

 A normal day for me starts at 10am Tuesday morning and usually ends  at 7am Monday I'm sure there are some breaks  in between and here and there because some how my refrigerator manages to refill itself. The bits n pieces I DO remember usually entail more then one type of program opened up between two screens and brief instances where pen and paper are actually involved (I call that penny~paper time).

 Learning new techniques while improving upon
old ones.

 I have walked in Universes where the
laws of physics were devised by
the mind of a MAAAAD MAN!
If I'm ever caught saying I'm getting tired
of working on or creating something I want you
all to chip in and buy me a ticket  for a ride on
the next lunar probe going to the sun ... DEAL?
Truth be told my brain keeps thinkin up stuff
because of you guys so from my brain to all of
yous, Thanks!!

 Well take care for now everyone have a great time and I'll talks to you all next time. 'til then remember ...  OH SNAP!!! OREOS!!! *mun mun mun*



  1. Lol you just turned my whole day right around noodles. No matter what you do its always very impressive. Thank you very much. ^^ (finally added a name i can be called other than anonymous)

    1. Glad I could help and and Thank YOU.

    2. Forget the cookies, you deserve BACON.

  2. wow1! you've been hard at work. looking forward to seeing these guys battle in mugne for real soon mainly I'm hoping to see Akemi get updated soon. take care!!

  3. Man that Rouge sprite right there looks awesome, i wonder how you do those sprites so fast, how do you draw those poses in all those angles? A tutorial from you would be the next best thing, I appreciate the soul spirit of yours for making characters for Mugen.

  4. Will those ponies be H-compatible?


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