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Sunday, May 4, 2014


 Hey hey everyone  Good mornin ~afternoon or night to ya where ever yer hailing from. Got a small update of sorts so join me if you will =n.n= 

Gallery Update

 Made an update to Gallery Idol Ramen so check it out when ya get a chance.

Bats ... did it HAVE to be BATS??

 So I  rethought how I'm handling the Triple Black Star's animation and I'd like to think now that I've dodged a train wreck in doing so.


 A little peekaboo at a platform framework I'm putting together  (rewriting the shooter alongside it) So far so good tho a few hold back bugs are bugging about. All in all it's functioning ant at 80% or so as to how I need it. I'm really looking forward to getting some back burnered (due to a previous lack of know how) up and running.

 As per usual a lot goin on here, thank you everyone for helping make all this possible, stay cool and stay positive and I'll catch you come next update.


  1. o.o
    What kind of *cough* cleaning services does Akemi provide?

  2. wow! I didn't know you made games too. you're really talented!!

  3. Really excited to see more of your work, this stuff is great


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