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Monday, September 8, 2014

Let's get ready to Tumbl.

 Hey guys n gals how goes it? Summer's come to a close and we're sayin' hello to fall. Got a short n sweet post today so let's jump rightto it.

 Well my Tumblr's up n runnin and can be found HERE!! There I'll be uploading quick pics and the like so check it out and support the cat.

 Hopped back to 3d for a bit and improved on my models, got to talk to some really cool blender heads  and got some good advice on modeling.

 Akemi's finally sporting her new standing animation
I'm hoping to get a vid done for her soon.

 Finished up the base sprites for the Cultist Sage,
so far so good just need to put the character togetehr.

Lastly I've finished the main part of Akemi's new super.

 Well back to work for now take care everyone keep it cool n positive.


  1. nice!! I wouldn't want to be on the other end of that super!! Hope you finish her up before the year is out.

  2. >.>
    <.< I've had it bookmarked for like two weeks now.

  3. I maintain my commentary on Akemi's standing animation. Her body's so shiny and her tits are so jiggly.

  4. Hey guys, what happened to mugen H spanish website?? It looks completely down, that sucks!

    1. I know it's changed it's layout a couple times, it looks like it's up with yet a different layout more streamlined this time around.

    2. For me, I just see the front page and it only shows user statistics, and I can't log in nor create an account, not sure if anybody was having this problem, well thanks for answering and good luck!


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