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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Punch face Bandit

 Hey guys n gals just a quick post, been messing with my recording settings as well as tinkering with Mugen HD settings  and hoooo boy ....

Did a Brief Akemi vid spotlighting 2 of her newer moves, I'll do a full vid once she's all together.

The H Dilemma

 Soooo yeah I was messing with HD settings in Mugen this evening when when I got them looking how they should in the first place yeeeey updates.  Now only problem is I have to totally redo all the locomotion values for the character (my main mistake from the start was not paying attention to KFM and KFM 720) so While I'm gonna keep with the planned release, I'll also be going back and retweaking each of the characters for HD. Chaaaa back to Action!!


  1. well the hd mode does look a little better but it's gonna be a pain having to redo all the characters again.

    1. Luckily it's not the whole character it's just that when I switched it to the HD settings the values a got all funky, walk jump and run speeds even the hit slide time from punches n all, just need to comb through the code n tweak the values but aye /o.o\

  2. It's been forever since you released something. It's going to take forever to get all those characters out. Good luck to you, and don't forget the cookies...?

  3. Hope she get new rape animations for mino and mob

  4. Ahh ive been trying not ask this since the 7/7/13 post, and with everything free here with the knowledge this is just something to do with free time, I did not want to come across as impatient. But is Nagi done yet? You said back in June 2013 it was just about done. If you find this comment rude just ignore it. Really I'll wait forever.

    1. I wanna say 95% To tell the truth I kinda wasn't pleased with how things were so the character underwent retweaks out the ass (I get obsessed like that from time to time so sorry for the delay)

    2. Got it. Thank you for replying.


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