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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mission Commission

Hello hello guys n gals this marks the grand opening of my commissions section, It's been a long time coming and I'm happy to finally be able to bring this to yo all today. I'll be taking commissions from now on so you want anything drawn, animated or mangafied don't hesitate to let me know.

**Subject matter (fetishes and the like) I'm pretty loose with so feel free to rap with me so we can put what's in your brain on to paper.**

Character pics 

B/W pictures starts at $10 add $5 per additional character in said scene.

 Colored pictures start at $20 add $5 per additional character in said scene.

 I welcome all characters from OC's to anime/maga.

Short Stories (Manga Style)

 B/W short stories (8 pages minimum) start at $30 

 Got a short or long story idea ya wanna get down on paper? Let me know OC's welcome as well as Manga/anime characters.

Animations (New Item)

B/W animated scenes start at $20 (one scene looped)  $10 per additional scene.

Colored animated scenes start at $35 (one scene looped)  $10 per additional scene.

I can be contacted though:
AIM: studioRamenCat
Skype: noodles_the_cat
Steam: noodles_the_cat
Trillian: noodles_the_cat 
email: ramencat@yahoo.com

 Currently I'm able to tackle 4 jobs at a time mainly to keep the universe from imploding in on itself so ifin ya got a job for me hit me up. We'll laugh we'll cry and revel in the memories but most important of all we'll .... ART (Nailed it) and if all slots read Closed don't get discouraged keep checking back and grab the next open slot.

 Current Commission status:

Slot 1: Closed
Slot 2: Open
Slot 3: Open
Slot 4: Open


  1. You should probably post the guidelines on what commission types you'll accept. For example which fetishes are bad and if you take private commissions where you won't share them.

    1. I'd also suggest using an email, for those who aren't in your timezone and won't be able to contact you via instant messaging.

    2. From experience, he tends to be on a lot, so it almost won't matter what timezone you're in. This almost makes me want to use a chunk of my tax return to get him to make me some comics to post up on my site, I just need to come up with scripts >.>


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