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Saturday, December 20, 2014

A new Dimension

 Hey Gyuz n Galz  season's greetings  how are you all doin? Good hopefully, it's been a bit but I've been in the lab perfectin the craft and learnin a new thing or five.

 For starters I'd like to thank everyone who's gotten a commission so far, I look forward to doin more in the future so cheers. Also made a few updates to the the galleries Chai teaIdol ramen and Holiday Jam so check em out when ya get the chance.
 I've went back to the drawing board on the 3d models and think finally gotta handle on what I'm doing.
Reworked the bodies from earlier, pretty happy with how they came out so far.
Base human rig ready for animation.

Worked out the base human head model for now.Still needs to be rigged and skinned.
So I've started messing around with unity some more getting the hang of programming and constructing game scenes and the like. Hoping to have a proper test demo done some time soon, I've got an idea I wanna get off the ground so wish me luck =n.n=
The original model transferred over to unity rather well, looking
forward to completing the new rigs and porting them in. I'll keep ya'll 
posted as I continue to build on this project.
Gotten the hang of puttin together world spaces and the like
nothin fancy yet just seein what I can do for now.

Overworld mop idea, got some tinkerin to do.

concept doodles #1

concept doodles #2

concept doodles #3 CaC UI mock up.

concept doodles #4 HUD
Well everyone hope yer holidays are shaping up to be good ones, take care for now and see ya next time. And remember, BE EPIC!!!!

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  1. Lookin forward to the release of both your Mugen characters AND the game xD


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