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Monday, February 9, 2015


 Heyo everyone how's it goin', good I hopes. It's been a bitty bit but back, been getting a lot done on the technical side of things and I just got back around to drawing and modeling and mugen .

 First off I'd like to again thank the groovy kats n kittens who've come to me for commissions and also to those who have made contributions. Your support means a lot without you there's no me so I appreciate the hell outta all of you.

Gallery Update

 Made a couple updates to the Chai Tea Gallery so check it out when ya gets a chance.

2D Stuffs Update

 Dabbling a bit more with Unity I decided to take what I was doing in Game maker and transfer it all over to Unity. So far so good, I've gotten most of the game features I worked on translated over even made improvements so I'll be giving updates on this as well.

Jumping and double jumping work as well as running ...

gotta fix the dashing, air dashing, wall jump and ladder climbing next ...

then work on combat.

Nagi's H moves

 Nagi's nearly ready, ran into a bit of a few free time snags  so I wasn't able to work on him as I intended to. I did however get the last bit (a cut in animation) done which is all that's left to be added so here's lookin at next following weeks hopefully. Here's a brief breakdown of Nagi's H feature.

 Nagi's H moves are handled in 2 phases, foreplay and H mode. From victimizer  different buttons will do different things to increase the H meter in the lower left corner.

 Once the meter's filled to a point you can initiate H mode, doing so before then will cause the victim to get away form you.

Once in H mode Nagi's free to use all of his H moves from Victimizer (Laying moves) or
Renegade knee (Standing Moves).

 Well that's it for now, lookin to get back to ya all really soon. Until then Take cares and stay chill.


  1. Had a dream this Nagi was finished. That's really bad lol. Will still wait forever.


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