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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Birthday Suits Gold

 Heeeeeeeere we go again!!! How's it goin Kats n Kittens!? It's that time of the year again
where it's mandatory for everyone to be as awesome as they can be. What be that ye be askin? It be me birthday.

 Heh Seriously though hopefully you're all having a good time regardless the day or circumstance. Made a few updates in the Galleries:

Chai Tea
Idol Ramen

so check em out when ya get a chance.

 I had planned to have a new dev video but at the moment  I'm having a few issues with  my a couple of my state machines so I'll get back to that when I get a chance. I'll be posting a few pics instead.

 Using Akemi as a model for this since she has enough sprites
done to fit this bill for now.

  Classic Beatemup combo strings are working, the
timing's a bit strict but I can set it to mash
if need be.

 Crouching attacks work as well for light and hard attacks

 Direction and attack work as well, 
shown now are the combination of holding 
up and Heavy attack.


 Hopefully I can fix my jumping and falling states so I can get this vid made. Got more stuff coming so stay tuned and above all else Stay awesome because the day demands it. =n.n= Take care for now guys n gals.

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