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Monday, December 7, 2015

Paprika and The Mystic Tower [002]

 Entry two for Paprika and the Mystic Tower. I've gotten to a good point in system development

and decided to showcase some design work and a brief glimpse of the tools I put together to help with the process.

Enemy Designs

 And so begins the enemy creation segment. Many unruly creatures roam the halls of the Mystic tower looking to feast on the pleasure and pain of anyone unlucky enough to find themselves lost in the lascivious labyrinth.

 Plantoid type designs.

 Yōma type mobs come in many shapes and sizes

Undead type mob design.

Slimes are just one of many
mobs you'll find roaming the
many halls of the tower.

Bats are out and about looking
for a fresh neck to latch on to.


 It's taken me a bit to workout a few custom tools to help make creation easier. I've designed a universal item creator for consumables and the like, a mob generator for easy monster customization and an ability generator for creating different spells abilities and the like. What's good is that I'll be able to use these for other game types as well with little to no modifications.

  The all purpose Item Module is working as intended. I can create just about any type of item I need to.

 The mob generator is working as well from here I can designate mob type, class resistances weaknesses item drops etc, The only issue so far is the stat progression needs to be worked out.

Created two types of stream spells so far, Flame and Miasma. pretty happy with the way this is turning out there are still a few tweaks I can make to improve the system but for the time being, two thumbs up!

 That's all for now I'll be posting a video as soon as the first stage is completed I'll see all you cool guyz n galz then take care for now.      


  1. That's it, i've reached my limit. I'll check on Nagi a year from now. Know your busy with other stuff but this is too much waiting for me. Take care man ;)

    1. Not a problem take care and stay awesome.

  2. TheGreaterAnonymousDecember 8, 2015 at 10:41 PM

    The fact that you created 2 sexy characters from scratch, especially Akemi, is more than good enough. Maybe its better not to release Nagi at all. Although I must ask, are you planning to make those other characters in your character page come to life? I was interested in seeing Lamia, Kumo. Unreal project looks cool, do you plan to create them in your new game? enemy layout looks great, you have both art and Unreal skills, something i don't have. Wish I can work something like this, Unreal looks hard to learn.

    1. Well to tell the truth I plan on releasing everything I have planned. Mugendev's slowed up a bit due to me learning coding proper and paying rent. I haven't messed with Unreal yet but am using Unity to make this (Took a while and a half to understand this engine as a whole and I'm still learning).

  3. Unity has some interesting potential. I believe it even has an android export module as well so you might be able to go multi-platform with it. Either way, learning it will help make a lot of your previous project ideas much more viable and will be more useful for you overall seeing as how it'll let you use your own 2D art assets more easily. More power to you and have a Merry Christmas season.

  4. I think he's using free version which comes with watermark. like i said in other post, when i looked into it, looks like they are charging the same amount for the new updates to Unity(if you had bought Unity), saw some people were really angry about that, also you would need to buy separate licenses or something like that, its really costly per license, so that wouldn't be an option. Glad to hear youre still wroking on mugen, you have a lot on your plate mate.


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