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Friday, June 5, 2015

Stargazing [Dev 000]

 Ahoy~O all you Cool Kats n Kittens how's it goin? Good I'm hoping got a new

 dev going and I'd like to share progress with this as well.

 A sister project to the 3D rpg but this time I've taken it down a dimension. Using some of the same techniques from the 3D version paired with a tutorial by the great Rm2kdev(Awesome guy) I've begun building a game I was originally going to make in Flash some time back, got the skills to make this work now so LET'S GO!! Still a few features I need to put into this such as custom character creation and the like I've gotten the character models made next up is adding Clothes/Armor/accessories to the models. and of course combat animations for the different classes.

First test with the Base Male model.
And now the quest for some pants .... and Hair
All layers, check now we're gettin somewhere. But ... can I get some shoes please??
Pass one on skin color change we're NOT quite there yet.

Bingo We Got it now, the eye layer makes for even more customizability. Nesr up ... HAIR!!!

Well guys n gals That's all for now, The dev train is still rolling along so stay tuned and as always Don't stop being awesome. Take care.

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