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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Paprika and the Mystic Tower [003]

 Entry number three for Paprika and the Mystic Tower. A small update at the moment.

as I continue to build assets and stages. I got a long fun road ahead of me but hey, what else is new.

Gamedev during AGDQ2016 year's starting great already.
Working on a few new Spell effects, this time around we have 
the base three elemental projectile types Fire, Ice, and Wind.

Got collisions working now with enemy hit reactions
as well as functioning enemy stat/resistance data.

Added All basic animations to each layer so now it's time
for the really fun stuff.

    When your armor decides to chill and do its own thing  

Got a ways to go but I'm making some good progress. I'll see all yous next next update. Take care for now and as always stay awesome.


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