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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Project Diaboken [Dev002]

 A little update on on the 3d rpg  I've dedicated some time to designing some of
world  so with trusty pen and markers I've started on concept sketches.

 Home sweet Home

 A hero / heroine needs a place they can kick their feet up and relax after a hard day (or days) of adventuring, be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.

 An adventure starts somewhere, home seems 
pretty good no?

 Messing around with a few ideas
on the player's home. Starts out small
but can be expanded.

 Room decorating/rearranging and other 
room features.

 Designing the overall world has/is a fun process from the various districts to the darkest of dungeons.

Home area and surrounding area concept.

"School" Concept

misc. area concept ❤ and mall

Martial Arts and Fighter Guild concepts.

Island area concept.

Castle area concept.

Swamp area concept.

Character Class Concepts

 Working out a few concepts for character classes and their look.
"Monk" Standard Equipment

"Monk" Weapons (Knuckles, Claws, Staff)

"Mage" Standard Equipment.

Mage weaponry (Wand/Scepter Rod/Cane, Natural casting)

Mock up of the CAC screen. Gonna flesh it out more when I get it into Unity.

Character Model Updates

Made some improvements on the character model  went back in and really started working on the rig.

Adding more to the face for some good ol'
face animation.
Got the layering working on the test
model so that opens up more for customization ...


 Well that's all for now guyz n gals got more coming soon but until then take care and stay cool.



  1. Good concept sketches, liking the character concepts and clothes. Btw, the character with the sword looks a lot like Starfox, is it him? you heard it here first :)

  2. Any upcoming mugen news?


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