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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Project Diaboken [Dev003]

 Project Diaboken is rolling right along with a bit of an update \x.x/ sooo much modeling
but it's worth it. I've been doing a lot of heavy coding and research as I near the next phase which will be creating the player character.

A rough mock up of NPC interaction.
"Thief/Rogue" Standard equipment.
"Thief/Rogue" Weapons (Dagger, Dual dagger)

More Modeling

 Stepped up a bit with modeling and solved the great mystery of how I'm going to handle putting the character together. 

Humen ears?? who needs em droid ears are where it's at!
Model 2 style ears.

Adding more ear options for the human characters among other things.

Updated the male face model.
Updated the female face as well.
Bare bones at the moment but
the character creation screen is starting to take
All buttons are functioning as they should.
 That's all for now Guys n Gals, got a lot goin on at the moment so I'll keep ya updated as soon as the next update gets updated. Take care for now and stay cool.


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