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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Project Diaboken [Dev004]

 Heyo~Heyo all you awesome beautiful people. Preparing to move so I thought I'd do

a quick dev update before the process of tearing down and resetting up the work shop.


 Working on a practice area for a demo I want to get done soon.


Messing around with shaders fishing for a "look" used a combination
of shaders and came up with this beaut.
The 2nd style uses two different toon shaders with different settings
I've decided to stick with this style for now.
Clothes between Blender and Unity.
 Okay got clothes working on my practice model, the layering works great
in unity after a bit of fighting equipping and unequipping is possible, now I can concentrate on working on the
main models.

Model Improvements

 Worked a bit more on the dog  model came out better then the original.


Got the face rig working finally, pretty happy abut that.


Create a Character Take 2.

 Alright guys n Galz that's all for now, I'll catch you all next update but until then stay Sub-Zeroy!


  1. i know this is probably the wrong place to put this comment but about the murakamimob could you add more darkskinned females thanks

  2. Its almost been a year since I asked in another post 10/7/14 about another post in 7/7/13. Been trying to be patient but i got a feeling this project is just abandoned. Seems you want pursue another passion with the 3D or the hit and run which is cool because like i said before you do this stuff all free. Just tell me now you've given up on Nagi. 95% for 3 years means you probably just don't wanna do it anymore. Not upset about it, just wanna make sure i got the facts straight. This is in no way a demand or a rush to finish, just seeking clarity on this matter.


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