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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Paprika and The Mystic Tower [001]

 It's taken a bit to get to this point but I'm finally here and couldn't be happier.

Not too long ago I posted some progression on a beat 'em up I was working on in Unity well that project has transformed into there separate systems this being one of them. So I bring to you Paprika and the Mystic Tower.

 Paprika and the Mystic Tower is an H-Metroidvania game I'm currently developing. Hack slash and blast your way through the hordes of the Mystic Tower to rescue the citizens of Pherona and your stalwart  companion Kurie from the minions of the lascivious Shon Zelff.

Some of the content to feature:
Customizable Magic
Switchable equipment
Monster girls
Monster dudes
Multiple Endings
Side quests
Leveling system
Extreme challenge modes

Mystic tower layout V1.

Text display's working right just need to personalize
it a bit more but so far so good.

Test stage layout so far  everything's  working as intended, time to build.

Air Dash, this was fun to do.

one of the many mobs to appear in the depths of the tower.

Practicing a few mechanics and test stage layout

Let's take a break.

 I'll continue to release info as I work to complete this first game wish me luck and stay awesome all you beautiful guyz n gals.

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  1. That game your working on looks cool, so you made that in Unity? So is it better to use Unity for creation of games? I wonder if its better than mugen, by the way, the game looks nice. Her sprites too, really digging her insane boob-jiggle-physics, reminds me of the game Project x Love Potion or whatever its called created by Zeta team, the one with sonic girls in it, that was cool too

  2. I'm liking Unity in terms of stuff I can do graphically and game style wise as far as the better game creation engine I'm going to say it is for me but that's just my personal opinion (I stopped doing other things for nearly 2 years so I could understand and learn C# n.n;;)

  3. I have not tried Unity, but I looked up Unity, looks like you'd have to pay for each upgrade; ex: so if you paid $1500 for version 3.5, v4.0, would cost another 1500.. plus you'd have to worry about platform support. Is the free version any good?


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