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Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Workshop Mugen Dev [001]

Hey guys Happy NEW YEAR Hope things are going well

A small add today as I bring you the alpha of Nagi. Lots of work still needed here but gotta start somewhere right? Let's start this year out on the good foot. His move list can be found in the character Manual.

Pick him up here.

 Take care for now everyone and see ya next post, again HAPPY NEW YEAR and Be awesome.


  1. Happy New Years Noodles and nice work on the mugen character. However, something is missing and it wont play. Something about missing palette 2.

    1. Thanks for the heads up I've updated the links, sorry aboot that guys.

  2. Nope still getting the mugen error.
    Error message. Can't open palettes/Nagi 10.act
    Error loading chars/nagi/nagi.def

    1. Fixed it there were two other act files I forgot to remove. Updated the links.

    2. Yeah that did it. Its really great work and truly a treasure. Rapers are extremely hard to find for mugen and this one is a unique whole new type. This a very happy new years day. XD Thank you


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