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Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Workshop Mugen Dev [002]

 A new day and a new set of ideas to put into play ...

... a bit of progress on the MUGEN Dev front as we roll into the new year

Next up Fixes

 A few fixes for the following characters or points that need to be addressed:

Akemi: Fixed the bug with Alexandrite where it would corrupt the opposing player's state has been fixed and will be in the next release.

Nagi: There's a big in the recovery state from victimizer, if the opposing character has a back dash rather then a back hop they'll end up in an air state. Currently reworking the recovery for hte next release.

Needs QOF portraits and regular large portrait.

Needs standing Animation and win poses.

Murakami Mob: Win state fixes and the addition of several new moves.

Outlines and plannin ahead

 I've been working on a few new characters I've been wanting to make for a while (aside from the ones on the list) Mainly Boss-ish level type characters and a few player characters.

Ashley's struttin his stuff looking for new talent to
work at his club.

Maranello's jumping for joy at the idea.

Working on straight up sprite animations for a change
with this newer test character. Needs a bit of work but all in all
pretty happy with the current progress.

That's all for now Ladies n Gents gotta keep this ball rollin so I'll see yall next update. Stay awesome and take care.


  1. your animations are really cool, really liking the walking and running ones, very well done, I wonder how you keep the proportions and stuff so intact, very inspiring work,

  2. so with the mob character did you add the several new moves yet or are you going to add them


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