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Friday, September 9, 2016

The Grind Game development Corner [002]

 Welcome welcome once again to the grind, my general game dev post also referred to as "what going mad looks like" ...
... Making strides on both 2d and 3d  planes so I'm sharing my progress thus far. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.


 I've made updates to the following Galleries ...

Idol Ramen

... if ya have the time check em out.


 So started t take things just a bit further in unity, messing around with the physics options I've got a few interesting things going on ...

Forward deformation check.

Deformation from below check.

Gravity deformation check needs tweaking.....

... a good amount of tweaking.

Once I get this part down I'll make the necessary adjustments to my actual model then see what more fun I can have with this.

 Reworked my base 2d sprite model, a couple minor tweaks to make but now I'm 100% happy with the over all sprite.

New model towering over the original 

 New base player walking animation.

Player evasive  roll animation.

Skeleton mob Basic attack animation.


  Continuing to bleed lead across a page number I care not to count. Base animations for several characters have been drawn out I just need to set some time aside to scan em in. Time to roll the sleeves and get down to business.

And not a blank page in the house.

Let's Jam

 I'll be participating in my first game jam later this month #lewdjam2016 (here). I'll be posting information and progress in a separate post closer to the time of the jam itself so keep an eye out.

 Well guyz n galz that's all for now and back into the development cave I go. Have fun stay cool and as again, Thanks.

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