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Friday, January 13, 2017

♪~Stream Stream Streeeaaaam~♪

  Something I've put off for a while but hey there's a first time for everything ...

 ... going to start streaming content from coloring to pixelart so won't you join me.

Here I'll most likely be streaming some SFW gamedev and games namely PSO or Skyrim n chillor anything I can stream without melting my system currently.
Might be a Saturday stream still working out a schedule

Here I'll be streaming NSFW art  Coloring, Pixelart and  H-gamedev.
Most likely starting Thursdays n Fridays  at about 6pm est (or earlier depending)

 Well this is a bold new step for a bold new year Keep moving up and forward take care for now dudes n dudettes hope ta see ya soon.

Skype: noodles_the_cat
Discord: Ramen_cat

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