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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Let's have some shall we? (Edit)

 Hey peeps what's poppin' we've got ourselves a full week goin on  so let's jump right into it ...

Tuesday 2/14
 Twitch PSO2 11am (or earlier) 2pm

Twitch PSO2 11am (or earlier) 1pm
 Picarto 4pm Experimental , Mugen character dev **(Backup PC couldn't handle Streaming so picking back up tomorrow.)**

Thursday ~ Sunday
 Picarto Regular schedule Gonna be working more on Candii Apple as well as doing some 3D (Hopefully Animation as well) and painting.

*All times are EST

 Really having a lot of fun with this hope to see ya'll there. Take care for now and as always stay awesome peeps.


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