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Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Workshop Mugen Dev [004] +

 Hey hoi Everybody how's it goin? Good I hope. Aside from a spot of snow (Booooo) Things are goin pretty really goods ...

 ... This week's stream I'm gonna focus on painting and building a Mugen character from scratch (I've had that itch) What character am I makin? who knows What can they do?? No idea yet I basically plan on getting something basic done from scratch (no predrawing) we'll see where the power of random takes us. See ya there at the appointed stream time.

Some of the Progress we've made so far:

 So far we've come up with a Quick character
who specializes in Wind orientated attacks.

Got the base for Standing weak attack.

Standing Strong punch has been blocked in as well 
give or take some frames.

Walking Animation is done as well just needs all the fixins.

 Well that's it for now hope to see ya then. Take care for now and as always, stay Awesome!

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