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Monday, September 18, 2017

Grappler Maki Dev [000]

 Bit of an update on a project we've been workin on on stream lately ...

is Grappler Maki vs the Court of Gray.

 Grappler Maki is a 2.5D H beatemup currently in development. The court of Gray has kidnapped Maki's rag team partner and it's up to her to get her partner back so they can defend their tag team titles.

A bit of a change ....

This project was going to be 2D at first but I decided to take a bit of a bolder step this time.
Maki's original 2d form
I went back and rebuilt my 3d Models from the ground up now that I'm getting a better handle on 3D.

New female model 1
New female model 2

New male model 1

New male model 2
Some early stage progression from using regular assets to using the ones I began making in Blender.

Early locker room model.


Locker room with base materials waiting to be textured

Both sides of the training room, here you'll be able to test your moves
or do challenges.

Changed up lighting and started using a few post processing

Ring screen is working right for now.

Main lobby of the hub from here you can go to the training area,
locker room or out to the streets.
 Sculpt tool has been pretty fun to use.

Finally getting a handle on texture painting as well.

 Designing Maki's outfits both regular and special.

Bad apples ...

Designs for the Pirate Gang. This group of unscrupulous miscreants are under the
employ of the Court of Gray, willing to do the dirty deeds the Court dare not do. If the 
pay is good and there's a chance for booty the Pirate Gang is at your service.

 That's about all for now I'm in the midst of retooling my project schedule between gamedev and MUGEN so keep yer eyes peeled. We've also got a discord server now so if ya feel like it stop on in and say hello. Link Take care for now everyone talk to ya next time, Until then, stay awesome.

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