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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Movins right along =n.n=

Chaaa the heat here is redunkulous and I've pushed my AC waaay passed Ice Age, ah well you know what they say "ifin ya can't take the heat ..." =n.n= Well anyhoo I've got around to adding more of the compatibility animations in and so far so good.

Fixed this one and added the first part before the stand up, still
one more part to add to this tho.

I myself was privy to the sundress.

Le' Ouch!!

Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie YAY!!

Now this beast I kinda struggled with for a bit but after
reading over the move an unrememberable number of
times I finally figured it out. This is the Kuro Lite version.

That should cap off all the Kuro anims out there for not tho there were a few slime anims added that kuro doesn't use (above absorber and coil move). Next up are the Minotar animations then the additions of the new moves. See ya then. ~Noodles


  1. :O! I can see what you did here X3! I like all the new animation you did :O! I never was able to find out which exact Kuro file it add the **** me sign, but I can see how yours will be more unique X3! (Everything reversed, unless she was supposed to get something from behind too =o.o=?)


  2. Noodles, I've recently found Mugen and first came across your work with Murakami Mob 1.7. It is really high quality work and I'm looking forward to Version 2.0 and your future work. You're one cool cat !


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