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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Break it'sa comin

  Nyo everyone how goes it, fine I'm hopin'. Well it's that time of year again ... you guessed it Otakon =n.n= and as always I'm lookin forward to the lil get away, joining the getaway too? If soo see ya there =n.n= Gonna be takin a small break from stuff for the next week or so. See ya in the Game Room =n.n=
                                  A commission I did for a friend's birthday, ahh
                                  RO how I've missed thee.

 I've finished up Minotaur compatibility (including finisher) but Oboro plans on retaliating by unveiling some new moves of her own soon.

                                   It's Mino Time

                                  He's like a kid in a candy store.

                                  Still working on a few alignment glitches but
                                  so far so good.

                                 Well I fixed the Minotaur compatibility sprites and
                                 added the finisher. =n.n= and ...

                                           The mob is now self compatible

 Within the upcoming weeks I'll be releasing the new compatibility code as well as what will be needed for the new Finishers that will be added. But for now take cares everyone =n.n=

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  1. O.O!! Woa! Many new stuff again <33! You really work hard a lot Captain noodles ><!! Oh right, you are going to Otakon 2010 :3, I hope you have a really great time over there <3!

    Note: I must say, I even have a favorite in your screenshot <3, I love how you drew the ''try to get away from Minotaur'' screen take character :3! I wonder how the animation would be <3

    ~~~ Chibi-chan ~~~


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