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Monday, August 2, 2010


Another year another Otakon. Despite being nearly washed away by an epic thunder storm on the first night Otakon 2010 once again aimed to please. I got to see many great cosplayers and also got to meet some very cool people =n.n= it's given me a nice energy boost and I'm all fored up to get back to work. It's Neko-GO TIME!! Let's Do it!!.
(pic taken @ California Tortilla, I recommend the Steak burrito it ARE the awesome)

UPDAAAAATE!!!!!!!!! =0.0=

 Well I've added a few special finishers for some existing moves (atm Party Like a Rock Star and Fan Service) Now When PLARS scores a match ending KO, there will be a special End so far I have a default end CG and an ending if the mob is taken down by this move, the default accommodates 2 different tones.
                                          Top = Mob's special end
                                          Bottom = Default dark tone

 Now originally I had planned for this finisher to take action regardless of whether or not it was the super version but for now it only occurs if the super version KO's p2 no matter the round.
                                                   Top = vs Mob
                                                   Middle = vs Default dark tone
                                                   Bottom = vs Default moe light tone
I'll be releasing the code needed to make custom finisher pics as soon as I have all of them done. see ya then.                                                                               ~Noodles


  1. Just to say.. WELCOME BACK!! I missed you tons <33


  2. Looking forward to the next release. Your quality is awesome, as usual


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