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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Afternoon Tiger EX + a

 Nyo~ho! how's it goin all, good I hope. A couple of things as of late V2.0 of Murakamimob is coming along nicely I'm almost done adding the bells n whistles I'll have more news on it some time next week. I've recently picked back up on a project I started some time a go involving Game maker, I've been a fan of the beat em up genre since Double Dragon and still am =n.n= so I figure now would be a great time to pick back up on this project knowing what I know now.

                                   Select your character...

                                 .then after a brief cut scene ...
                                ..It's time to kick some ass!!
       (*these sprites were done premugen and could use some rescannin)

I'm currently using Game maker 8 but I've also been learning Flash heavily so that might change. This is still pretty early so figurin things out is just half the fun =n.n= More on this later, for now take good care everyone.
                              And now ...
 Some new images of the upcoming v2.0 of Murakami mob 2 of the newest supers have been added. In A. Dorn attempts to show everyone his Bottle Rocket Babe technique, while in B Mistress Spencer is teaching her class how to deal with an unruly partner =n.n= I've taken a different approach as to how this round of supers are used it oughtta fun. Well 2 down and 3 to go I'm nearin completion and I'll keep ya posted. Peace out everyone =n.n=


  1. Looking very nice, and a pity we don't quite see what's happening in picture B ;).

    Keep up the good work, really! And uh... I'm not sure if you were going with a rape/beat-em-up for your game project, but I will tell you that you'll have the market cornered ;).

  2. I see, so this is what you meant, 'ne? Well if you need some random sound effects for use, you can always check my forum. I'll send you the batch I had online that worked if I can find it after my passcode loss... may be slow, but I have a bunch of .wav type files you could use.

  3. Thanks for the heads up Shio I shall keep ya in mind.


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