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Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Birthday and Update of sorts O_o

 Hokey smokes tis been a year since the release of the mob!! I had planned to release v2.0 around this time but thre's so much stuff put into this one it might not be till the month's end. Several new moves on top of the ones originally planned I might have gone a lil overboard =o.o= I have also picked up on Akemi so there will be a small update on her soon. I've also added some goodies to the Doujin section check it out and enjoy. Well Back to work heretake care everyone and see yas laters =n.n=
                                          Happy 1 year Murakami Mob =0.o=


  1. Ha ha yes! I bet I was the first one to say Happy birthday to the mob before the update <3!

    Go go Noodles senpai!

    ~~ Chibi-chan ~~

  2. is dat a kuromaru i see in the top strip? xD

  3. Hey Noodles... I just sort of noticed, going over your stuff again...

    For the Fanservice/polaroid pictures ending... The guy who's raping seems to have normal, thick-rimmed glasses...

    While his animated sprite seems to actually be wearing sunglasses. It just seems to look like a discrepency between the pictures and the sprite. Might want to change the lenses on his sprite. hope that helps!


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