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Monday, September 6, 2010

Danger Zone

 Hey everyone, how goes it purty good me hopes. Bit o' new news on the update as it nears completion, figure I'd take a lil time to address some of the changes and enhancements made.
Damage!! changed the damage on both regular and supers some got an increase where others got a significant decrease there were a few moves that I felt damage was a wee bit much.
Recovery!! I had actually implemented this in 1.7 P2 has a chance to recover from the custom laydown by mashing the buttons at a certain time, I've worked it out now so that p2 has a better window of opportunity to recover from the DOWN state.

Enhancements!! Several moves have been enhanced a few examples, with the move Enlightenment of Geb, The Wall of Geb takes more then one hit to feel. The move Oni Club now bounces opponent off the floor like a basketball. These a just a few move enhancements.
AI!! Been practicing on my AI programing, and addressed the issue where it spammed "Blood Drain" at a ridiculous rate it's still something I'm working on (the AI) and may go thru many changes up until the release day.
                         New Super
                              Looks like someone's about to get inducted to the
                              mile high club.
Gettin down to the home stretch and havin too much fun, more to come soon take care fer now everyone.

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  1. Looking good, new version will be great!


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