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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Afternoon Break

 YAHOO so far TGS 2010 has provided me with much exciting news, Wesker and Spiderman in MvC3 for starters WOO HOO!! Also Yeeeey Tekken Tag 2 Bayonetta 2 and Asura's wrath were bonuses both exciting magnificent =o.o= I'm all hyped up again =n.n=
 Well I'm glad to say that the latest update is nearing completion. I have one more move to add but it may take a couple of weeks because it involves a few animated cut scenes, for now here's a few screens of the latest move added DBB enjoy!
The Black Belt Demon makes her presence known... heeeey wait a minute...
Dang nabbit!! It appears molerats have chewed the video cords so we seem to have lost camera 4's feed. Don't worry I'll fix this problem as soon as possible ... lousy molerats. Well see ya next update.

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