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Friday, September 10, 2010


=n.n= NYAY!! The latest trailer for MVC3 (Marvel vs Capcom 3) went up and man was it epic, Captain America Daigo parrying a helicopter never looked sooooo cool good to see Tronbonne is back as well . Makes me feel good inside seein fighting games back on the rise (now if they would just make a nother Toshinden ... half joke =o.o=) with that and KOF XIII and Arcana Heart 3 on the horizon I think my future with fighting games is secure. Well I'm off for now everyone take care and see ya next time.
 =o.o= OH ... I am hoping to have this next release finished before FFXIV comes out so It'll most likely be at the end of the month or so =n.n=
"Hm!? Was ... I dreaming?"


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  1. O.O! Wow! New blog update and new trailer =o!! Oh beside, those new drawing are definitly so cute <33!

    ~~ Chibi-chan ~~


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