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Friday, March 18, 2011

MurakamiMob Ver 2.1 news n vids

 =n.n= Ho~Hoooo updates I finally got around to getting Fraps working with 1.0 and I decided to test it out on showing one of the 2 new assist helpers for Murakamimob 2.1 Oboro has gone through great lengths to acquire the talents of amateur wrestler Shion "The Ganguro Belladonna" to help her detain anyone trying to escape her Mob's clutches. Using her signature move The Party Time Clothesline Shion looks to whallop anone foolish enough to get in her way.
Hehe below are links to videos to see this move in action.

Regular Hit - Getting hit by the tail end of the move scores a knockdown and wire shot if the opponent is close enough to the wall.

Critical Hit - Being TOO close to Shion while she's mounting her offense will result in her knocking you off of your feet ... and not in a good way.

Countered 1 - If you manage to beat her to the punch (literally) you can avoid having your block knocked off ... but beware, thwarting a wrestler only calls for a rematch sometime down the line

Countered 2 - Reflecting Shion's assault via .special move will knock her off balance but don't worry one of her adoring fans is there to catch her.  (note Idol M@sher is unusable at this time)

 =n.n= there's still a few things I need to work out for this move havin fun with this though. Next up will be Oboro's second sinister assistant, see ya then =n.n=

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