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Friday, October 26, 2012

Natural 20

NYOOOO everyone how's it goin out thar? Good I'm hopin. Workin hard here figured I'd share shome shtuffs wiffs ya, are ya ready??

 Work has begun on build 2.5 of the Murakami Mob and so far I'm pleased with how smoothly things are goin. Some of the new features are as follows.

Death Stinger Revamp
 The move Death Stinger now adds a poison status effect that will drain the opponent's life.

Elegant Sway Change

 The Lamian Dance Elegant Sway now causes paralysis status effect this effect will randomly freeze the opponent if they attempt to attack.

Invigorating Sway

 This Lamian battle dance has an odd effect on the opposing party, instead of being hindered, the opponent is driven to overcome any obstacle in their way. While under the status effect Regain, the opponent's super meter will steadily increase for a duration.

Ancient Curses

 Geb will now counter with Slowga if hit by a projectile ... Spam responsibly. While under the effect of Slow the opponent is ... slow XD

 ** It's possible to have multiple status effects at the same time, take heed.

New Custom Animations

 4 more moves have new custom animations now, I've updated the compatibility  code with the animation sets for these moves and have updated Akemi with these animations, here's a peek.

Pink Pink Upside down cake
Animation #4i043 with explod #41044.
Pink lovin' Pisces
Animation # 41045

Sexy Beach bomb
Animation # 41047
Animation #41048
 New Compatibility Animations
 The Mob now has new custom animations for itself and the other monsters (Kuro, Mino, Morrigan)

  Finally got around to doing her Kuro Bliss animation, once I get the time I'll move to Absorber and fix the missing animations from other moves for her next update.

A brave new world.
 Finally got around to making a solid engine for a project I've been working on for some time now this one mixes mt favorite crush with my favorite genre.

What can I say as a child of the 80's who DIDN'T have a crush on Mrs Pac.

  This is the game running on the original engine I'm close to finishing this stage on the new engine and it's leaps and bounds (no pun intended) better what I have now.

Kinda keepin tradition with the old school game Pac Land but wif me own twist.
 I'll keep ya'll posted on the progress of this one. See ya there.


  1. Nice work :) Lookin forward to playing with the new animations. Also lookin forward to giving your new game a go.

  2. Are you replacing the old ones with new ones or is are they optional? The old animations look better in my opinion, especially for 41047.

  3. Murakamimob always is invisible on my game...


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