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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Play Time has Just Begun

 AYooooo!! How's it goin everyone? Great I'm hoping, I think for once the gauntlet of Turkey based after meals has been cleared in record time (Thank goodness 'cause I woulda lost it at Turkey waffles X_x)

 Decided to sidetrack myself and put Nagi together a little more I'm pretty REALLY pleased whith how he's come along so far, My main PC is down atm so once I get camtasia running again I'll have some proper vids runnin n_n

 A stationary stab forward with his favorite taser Anesthesia, good at parties great at pressure and chip damage.

 An advancing attach where Nagi uses Anesthesia in a slashing motion that knocks his opponents for a loop.

Joy Buzzer
 A command grab where Nagi gives his opponent an up close and personal demonstration on how dangerous a taser can be when in the wrong hands.

Renegade Knee
 Another command grab where introduces his knee to his opponent's mid section.

 A lunging spear maneuver that takes his opponent to the ground allowing him to impose his will upon them.
This is a multi-move "stance". Most H-moves will come from this move.

 So far so good just need to finish his supers and start adding effects (which are currently absent) as well as adding H-moves. As of now there are no unique animations used  so compatibility should be cool so long as the animations are present BUUUUUUT in the event that somethin pops up I'll let ye knows n_n

                           SPEEEAKING of compatibility .... >Pomp~Bada~BAAAAAA!!<

 Almost all of the new frames for the mob 2.5 are complete, here's a sneak peek and what's to come for those (and a few other things as well =n_n=)

 Currently 2.5 should be fully (or damn near close) with Mino, Kuro_Plus, Kuro_Lite, Morrigan, Itself.
Well I'll catch ya all later take cares and for those still in the Gauntlet de Turkey ... be strong!!


  1. Good to hear from you :) Glad you're alive and kickin! I look forward to more

  2. Will more female dominators join the Mob?


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