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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Birthday suits the: The Return

  It's that time again can't believe it's been a year already! a trail of shiny objects have gotten me to this point and I'd like to think I'm a lil wiser now ... a lil XD Well people you know the drill, 'til the end of June ... scratch that, from now on, just have a blast with life.

Gallery Updates

 Updates have been made to the following Galleries.

Idol Ramen

Chai Tea

There's also been an update to the Sexy shoot Gallery.

Sexy Shoot

Progression session

  Posted a new vid of the platformer I'm working on, Got a few more options up and squished a few bugs I had. As I pull things closer together I'll start working on a full game. Same ball park different team, I've finally fixed my Flash platform engine so I hope to get a game for that up and running ASAP.


  Bomb King is materializing quite nicely.

 Gonna lower his Y axis just a bit.

 Absorber finisher take 2

Extra animation for Kuro's F sign.
 I know the mugen front's been a bit slow but between shiny game maker, shiny flash and shiny unity,  I stepped back a bit "level up" as much as possible with each. However I just got back into playing fighting games again so my mugn spirit has been re-energized, well more so then before so I'm looking to kick down some doors.

  Well kats n kittens that's all for now, since this is a special day in a special month I demand everyone to be 7 shades of awesome ... and hey, if you're already awesome pass it on to someone else and spread the love. Take care everyone and remember keep it positive.


  1. Joyeux anniversaire!! Joyeux anniversaire Noodles <333!

  2. Ooo... Ooo... Ooo... CANDY!!!!


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