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Sunday, June 22, 2014


  Took a nice much needed trip to Comic con Wizard world 2014 over the weekend  and had a blast
thought I'd share a few pf the pics I took while on the Showroom floor.

 The showroom floor was all nice n purdy 
and those lights
those DAMN lights!!

 The lights struck again but

 Dude I'm so there for season 3

 Ladies and gentlemen, The S.H.I.E.L.D.S.

I think the only thing wrong
with this shot was the lack
of blood and guts

Live long and Party on!!

 Got bumped takin a picture of the 
green Ranger, by the time I turned
around to fix my shot ... he was gone O_o


 Yea so this time it wasn't the lights
Silver Samurai awesomeness just
shined all over the place.

"Don't mess with me, Lady. I've
Been Drinking with
The Cousins L.

 And that was just the afternoon, all in all it was a good time and it's time to chain myself back to the desk and get back to woik ...

... which is going pretty good. Not hitting Comicon or Otakon this time around so I get to swim in a mass of extra time \n.n/ (Random side note: Guilty Gear X'rd ... YES ... YES!!) So take care for now Kats n Kittens see ya in a little bit.


  1. A question in regards to those new mugen characters; Is Evan going to be kuromaru compatible?

    1. I'm pretty sure everyone'll be happy

    2. Well that sounds nice. Thank you for the reply!

  2. glad you enjoyed yourself at the wonder con.
    was wondering about the last pic of what looks like a new character.
    could you make a tutorial on how you make characters like that for mugen using the computer?

    1. This was the tutorial I used ...
      ... I've actually been thinking about doing one we'll see.

  3. So Noodles, some questions for you.. How long does it take you to create 1 animation, say for example an angled kick?, how do you come up with those poses? do you just draw them? The foreshortening stuff is confusing, I dont get how artists draw that. I've been trying to make some mugen sprites, I can come up with some descent drawn sprites but it takes me a long time to create 1 sprite(like an hour), I was wondering how you do them, those animations in Murakami Mob/Akemi are amazing, plus i like the art style you draw, I wanted to draw and make a character from scratch like how you do.

    1. I'll give a little demo of my process in my next post, I was actually looking into getting a tablet (to help along with any tutorial I do down the line) but to give a short answer yes I do draw everything out first then scan then start the magical sprite process.

    2. When we can we expect a new post?

    3. Appreciate your reply, I have Bamboo tablet, its pretty cheap but a lot of artists use The Cintiq (its expensive), I think the Bamboo works just fine, just have to get used to it, that way you don't have to scan all images in plus redo lines or whatnot. I like pencil/paper though.

    4. yea that's a step I need to eliminate for speed sake, to tell the truth my first characters I did for MUGEN (Pre Akemi) were done freehand back when I was all about KOF =n.n= I'm pretty excited about gettin it though.


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