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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The end of a beginning and on to the next

Show ya Ermes Love.

 Nyoho everyone been a bit I'm finally settled in the new place and I'm back with a quick post on a few things so let's start shall we?


 No I haven't quit MUGEN I haven't forgotten, lost interest, thrown in the towel or what have ya but I HAVE shifted focus to my art in general and game development so it's taken a bit of a backseat for a bit, feels odd saying that because I'm about to bring you THIS following thing ...

...Now that I've got his AI working near to how I'd like I can look to getting him released soon.

And so it begins ...

 Aside Project Daibouken  I've been working on 2 side games that I'll be dev logging here soon just need to iron out a few things so keep your eyes peeled.
Angie and the Justice Committee are preparing for
their first big adventure see you soon.
Last and DEFINITELY not Least

 Come this September I'll be running an Artist alley table at J1-Con under Mag's Artcade. So if
you're in the Phily area come give the cat a holler.

Well kats n kittens time to get back to work, got a lot of crazy shit planned and I intend ot see it through take care and stay awesome as always.

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