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Monday, September 21, 2015

Indeed a Good Day

 Well J1 Con has passed. I wanna thank all the cool beautiful kats n kittens that popped by and
showed their love I really had a blast.

 Time to get back to it, prepare for the next convention, get back to game and mugendev  as well as MORE ART, LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!!!
Imported the actual character models into my unity game, they
came out better then I was hoping.

Added the shading effects and simple clothing.

Gonna start on designing more hairstyles for both base models then branch off
to the different body types.

Working on Ledge grabbing.
Finally finished my all purpose item generator,
one script, endless possibilities.

Multitasking prints and game development

 Not sure what the next convention's gonna be but hoping to get back into the rhythm of going. Time to get back to it, take care everyone stay Awesome.

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