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Friday, October 2, 2015

Orange Juice

 Ahoy and salutations to all you awesome peeps, I'm back with a bit of an update and a slight cold XD

 Hard at work on content now that a mess of coding's been squared away now it's really time ot have a bit of fun, till any code I'm working with decides to break that is (I need to learn Kage Bunshin I swear).

Starting Off
 Made a small update to Gallery Chai Tea I'm gonna be making updates there regularly within the upcoming weeks so keep an eye out. The passed convention has gotten me back into the spirit of drawing.


  A bit of a follow up on the 3d Front I've finally gotten around to modeling more hairs, so far so good but my next task is making these hairs fit the male models as well.

 Started playing with terrain as well though I haven't decided on making terrain in unity or in blender might end up doing both we'll have to see how my sanity holds up.

Well ... Looks like it Happened

 Something I've been messing with on the side in unity was trying to recreate what I've done with the mob in Mugen ...

... and after some time it finally works. It's far from perfect and is in need of tidying up but systemwise it works so next I'll focus on tweaking the alignment and using overlays.

Well that's aboot it for now all you beautiful kats n kittens you all stay awesome.
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  1. Show us something, you have been too quiet for too long. Are you done with MUGEN?

  2. MUGEN is very hard and takes a long time to do. He probably only works on it in his free time just as a hobby which why it's taking so long. I myself thought he was done with it and asked for piece of mind. Again, he is not being paid so if we wants to stop he should. But he posted it's still ongoing so we have nothing to do but to wait and be thankful he does this at all. Your not wrong about the wait being brutal (waiting 2 years for the content I want) however he does post progress.

  3. I think so too・・・MUGEN(´°Α°`)


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