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Saturday, March 12, 2016

I'ts all good

 Holy jeez, said to myself "Okay I'm gonna do a bit of coding."  now I don't even know what year it is.
Guess I spent a lil TOO much time in the lab so to speak but I'd like to say I've come through a bit more knowledgeable and slightly MORE insane, well the good kind of insane like the Doctor or Lex Luthor ... wait a sec ... gettin off topic here. I'd usually break up content like I've been doing lately but since thre's been so much goin on I figured I'd lump it all together in one big news ball.

 Got to get my feet wet with some 3d animation, finally got my rigs straightened out and all the noob problems I was encountering are no more (until I run into something new down the line) the few that I've done have translated into unity with no problem so things are looking good on that front. MUST SO MORE!!!
Hugs for everyone
same as above, different angle.
Running animation
same as above, different angle.
male walk animation, still need some fixing .
Dat STONE COLD swag.
Female walk (was too lazy to switch out the model) so far so good

Testing out facial expressions so far the rig works 
nicely, gonna try vowels for lip syncing. I kind of want to
jump ahead and test it in Unity but first thing's  first,

 So somewhere between here and there I got my beat 'em up model working right. Blood sweat tears and a couple of flipped chairs later and I think I'm ready to start building assets for this. I get to properly bring to life something I started in Game Maker some time ago.

Movement works, running jumping air dashing.

 Made a few improvements the the third person game model. It's been giving me SOME grief as I've been adding some things subtracting some things and breakin..er..OPTIMIZING my code all together. I leaning toward hack n slashy I'll keep ya'll posted.
 Was also tad unhappeh with the cel shaded looks (for now at least)
gonna mess around with different shading/lighting options 'til I find something
I agree with.

Don't mind me just dickin' around.
Let's get naughty and nice.

 Haven't really been able to get too much drawing done (which is absolute torture) but I have been able to get a few character animations as well as some more character designs done.

Cultist Monk Run animation.
Cultist Sage standing weak attack animation.
Cultist Sage Standing Medium Attack animation.
Daphnie's fly mode base.
Daphnie's dash/Air dash. 
Rouge crouching
Rouge Blocking
Lammy's jump animation
it's gonna be fun working on the lower half.

 Well everyone, the busy train just keeps on busy. Talk to all you kool kats and katettes next time stay cool and remember whatever it is you're doing, have fun.

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  1. This is amazing! you have outdone yourself. Your lab work is paying off, I myself have dreamed of creating Rouge, I saved all these animations just to study them, especially the cult ones and ROUGE!! I hope one day I can create good anims like you!


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