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Friday, December 23, 2016

Santaman Holiday Hooligan Hijinks (Alpha Release Update 1)

 Falling in line with the recent string of game jams I've been entering. Here's the latest project for Christmas GameJam 2016..
Super Highspeed Holiday Warrior Santaman vs the Jingle Gang is a Super sentai/Metal hero inspired beat em up. Punch and kick your way through the Jingle Gang and stop their boss Ober ... Shade Noel before they put a damper on the holidays. He's made his list, he's checked it twice to those who do evil he won't be too nice, Super Highspeed Holiday Warrior SANTAMAN is going to town.

Santaman has set out to rid his small hometown of the
Holiday hooligans known as the jingle gang, A group of 
miscreants hellbent on making the holidays miserable for all.

Shade Noel is the newly appointed  Leader
of the Jingle gang and has set them loose to wreak havoc 
across the otherwise peaceful town.  Will her plan succeed??

Jingle Bois
 Brawler Bois are the main grunts of the Jingle gangs.
Rude and hard hitting they don't care who the opponent
is so long as they get to do as much punching as possible.

Jingle Belles
 Gunner Belles are long range grunts that often back up
Brawler bois when ranged assistance is needed. Putting
their pistols to work they surely aim to make anyone
who stands against them wish they hadn't. The more 
elite gunners carry specialized elemental guns that
pack a wallop.

 Karate Belles are fast moving hard hitting opponents.
Chances are if you see one it's already too late. Their
devastating Flying Belle kick will surely ring your bell
if you're unfortunate enough to be on the recieving
end of it.

 As of this post the movement in this build feels good. Going to 
move onto combat and AI this weekend and should have a small
demo done before the due date.


 Well it's here the Demo for Santaman vs the Jingle Gang this was pretty fun I finally got to put my beatem up model into play. This is an alpha release so there's a few bugs and it's only part of the first stage. Next update I'll be adding the intro, more Goons as well as bosses, special moves and tweaking some ingame features. Check it out and enjoy I'll see ya soon and happy Holidays.

Download Here
Santaman v00a

 Hada lot of fun with this one, Well guys n gals see yall next update, take care and Happy Holidays.

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